How The Inudstrial Revolution Changed The World

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As we progress in the world, the safety features of what man builds should also progress along with it. Cities have been packed by buildings and there are still other developers that cram up empty spaces that aims to make it a better utilizing area wherein people could have jobs and other opportunities in it. Which is why safety should always be considered before pushiing on to erecting buildings because lives of thousands depend on it.
The devices, mechanisms, modes of transportation, home appliances, infrastructures, and almost all that we have to day are rooted with the history of the industrial revolution. It sparked therapid growth of development on so many areas that it is impossible to not think of an item and not relate it to its early beginnings in during this era. We owe the things that we have and experiencing today because of the people who sought better opportunities that will help ease the lives of billions, as well as earn billions.


The number one resource that helped make the industrial revolution become an era of development in terms of mass production, faster ways to build infrastructures, higher job ratings, machineries, and transportation (at that time) was human beings. Humans, no matter what their ages were, have been the reason for it to come into existence. Business moguls sought the need to have machineries that will help them to efficiently mass produce items and at the same time knew that the machines and its products won’t help them gain profit if there are no laborers to overlook the production and distribute the products, they knew that there needs to be a tandem between machines and humans in order to boost development in the aspect of economy. This led to higher job ratings because of the fact that there was no limitation of age when it comes to their workers, this means they do not restrict young ones at a tender age of 7 or as old as 65 and above for as long as they are able to work with efficiency.


And the number one material that made the industrial revolutioon possible is stainless steel. There was a boom in the stainless steel fabrication Melbourne which made buildings to have a stronger foundation and safer establishment against natural calamities especially earthquakes, this also paved way to making trains and railways which helped companies to cater their transportation service to other cities.In terms of transportation, it helped create cars wherein they got their materials from which made cars more accessible to the public, this led car companies in producing more and enter the global public market. Stainless steels, being more available to companies, boosted profit and onto developing the economy of a country. Gasoline was also discovered which helped power cars, and also scientists were able to find other things that it could be made use of.

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