Various Types Of Wax

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Hair removal is one of the things that bothers many woman. There are various methods that are created in order to remove any unwanted body hair. One of the common techniques could be pointed out as waxing. There are various types of waxes available in the world. It is important to make sure that you pick the right type of wax that suits your skin in order to ensure that the procedure is not painful. In order to pick the right type of wax, it is important to make sure that you are aware of what is available in the market. Following are some of the types of wax.


Regular Wax
When you buy candles Australia you will assume that the same wax is used for a hair removal as well. However, despite popular belief, a combination of lemon and sugar are used for a regular wax. This wax is used by women of all ages and is the most affordable type. Even though it is cheap, it does not take the tiny hairs out of the skin and in order to remove the tiny hair the wax need to be applied and pulled out a couple of times. Therefore, this is a very painful procedure and is not recommended for people with very sensitive skin.


Chocolate Wax
Unlike regular wax, this is a method that is more suitable for people with sensitive skin. This could be used to remove all the hair at once without leaving any tiny hairs in comparison to a regular wax. Therefore, the wax does not need to be applied over and over again and prevents the skin from being irritated. Chocolate wax is made with the use of cocoa, soy beans and a choice of oil which is usually sunflower oil as it has anti-inflammatory properties in it. However, due to its benefits, it more expensive than a regular wax. If you are someone with very sensitive skin, it is better to choose a chocolate wax over a regular wax in order to avoid any inflammation.


Aloe Vera Wax
There are various types of wax products such as orthodox christening candles and wax for hair removal. Out of the various wax types, Aloe Vera wax is one of the premium types of waxes that is produced for hair removal. This is the ideal type of wax for people with sensitive skin as this Aloe based wax not only removes hair but also moisturizes your skin to reduce irritation. There are many types of waxes available for hair removal. The above are some of the common types. style=\”float: right;\” title=\”candles-sale.jpg\” src=\”\” alt=\”candles-sale\” width=\”58\” height=\”71\” />

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